In May 2007, FITFLOP sandals hit the shelves. The concept was developed by Marcia Kilgore, a one-time personal trainer and entrepreneur who was juggling motherhood and work and very much wanted to also stay in shape. A ‘tall order’ for most of us mortals. So, came about the shoe that could give a workout whilst you went about your daily routine. What a great idea, and wonderful for those of us who do not relish going to the gym, or indeed, do not have the time to go walking/hiking for one reason or another.

Two podiatrists specialising in biomechanics (who studies gait – how a person walks) – Dr. David Cook and Darren James based at London’s Southbank University created  the fundamental muscle-loading Microwobbleboard Toning Technology which is built into a multi-density midsole found in the bottom of every Fitflop sandal, slipper, boot and shoe.

Fitflop footwear  can help relieve aching feet, help alleviate back, pelvis and knee strain by realigning ground reaction force towards your core relieving areas of uncomfortable high pressure i.e. under the ball of the feet or under the  heels. Due to the biomechanically engineered patent of Fitflops, they help tone and tighten your leg muscles; they also absorb more shock than the normal shoe.

Click on the link to John Lewis below where you will be able to check out the latest FitFlop footwear, See ‘Sports & Leisure’ section. If you type in “Fitflops” into the search bar at the top of the page you’ll be taken right to the correct page, with lots of information about Mens and Womens Fiftflops and much more.

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