Shoe Facts – Infographic

We all wear them and without them things would be uncomfortable and it would be difficult to get around from A to B. Shoes: they have been around for many years at this stage and today you can get them in so many different varieties in relation to materials, colours, textures and so on but at the basics of them, they are to keep your feet comfortable. Even as toddlers, it’s so important to get shoes at the right time and not be swayed by fashion. Young children’s feet are at a real developmental stage and are constantly growing so it’s vital that their feet are fitted with the correct shoes; the type of shoes that will support their development as they take their steps.

We’re all as adults swayed by fashion trends but there’s no doubting that we all have a few favourite pairs of shoes too that we always refer back to. Those are the shoes that we know deliver comfort throughout a long day shopping or on our feet at work. The people at Walsh Brother Shoes have put together this interesting infographic which details some fun and intriguing nuggets about shoes! You’ll be surprised at some of the facts presented here so check them all out below and share your newly found shoe knowledge with your friends and family.

Walsh Brother Shoes have a great blog page full of interesting tips for caring for shoes.

How To Care For Your Shoes