What condition are your feet in? Beautiful feet reflect a caring personality. Normally attention is to our face, hands and often our feet are forgotten or just simply ignored or we are just too lazy to care. We forget our feet as often they are covered up and out of sight; therefore, out of mind as the saying goes.

Reasons for cracked heels can be due to lack of attention, overexposure or dryness, lack of foot cream, footwear, weight gain. By applying continuous pressure of whole body on our poor feet, our heels get cracked (known as fissures). Reason for concern is not just cosmetic, feet looking untidy, but they can be painful and sometimes can become infected if cracks become deep. So please give your feet a bit of Love, Care and Attention.

Treat your feet to a good nourishing and moisturising foot balm.  With Tania Chew’s background mix of the body care  business and Podiatry background, she has formulated what she believes is a premium Natural foot balm.  The Lavender & Peppermint foot balm is ideal for dry and cracked skin; containing jojoba oil, coconut oil, mango and cocoa butters, beeswax as well as the essential oils of lavender and peppermint.  For further information visit www.facebook.com/SimpleFootSolutions and for purchase via PayPal go to www.simplefootsolutions.co.uk  or  please e-mail Tania at footlady.chew@gmail.com.  Remember its a bonus to moisturise your feet by using good quality ingredients that are natural.